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Patch v3339 pour UT2k4 Windows

Nom : Patch v3339 pour UT2k4 Windows (Télécharger)
Auteur : Epic Games
Site : N/D
Le cinquième (!) patch pour UT2k4, version Windows.
A installer après l'ECE
Il contient tous les updates des patchs précédents, ainsi que les corrections suivantes :
Onslaught related:
- Added a gunner indicator for the Cicada.
- Onslaught low skill bot AI tweaks
- Max lifespan for shot down ONSMortarCamera
- Fixed regular dust showing when Manta jumps over water
- Fixed Cicada staying above StallZ if driver switches to gunner position
- Fixed SPMA engine sound volume
- Tweaked powercore destruction and electricity sounds
- Improved artillery explosion effect
- Don't call destroyed powercore "green powercore" in scoreboard (after round ends)

General Gameplay:
- Fixed Berserk combo (properly turns client side weapon changes on and off)
- Fixed quadjump mutator in multiplay (was only allowing regular double jump on first jump)
- Fixed gamespeed mutator "sticking" in instant action games
- Don't let Cicada passengers carry flag (for VCTF)
- Added OnslaughtBP.UCL to patch so bonus pack mutators will show up
- Fixed problem with landing view shake sometimes not working at very low frame rates
- Fixed bug where not all actors got NotifyTeamChanged() when client team changed
- Assault objective announcements can come from packages other than AssaultAnnouncer
- IonCannonKillVolume bug fixes
- Don't allow players to change teams if team sizes are equal if bPlayersBalanceTeams is true
- Fixed team balancing code bug
- Fixed footstep sounds playing while in vehicle where driver isn't visible if enter while running
- Removed obsolete weapon debugging code
- Localization fixes for Italian, French, German, and Spanish
- No log or console message when player enters or leaves team. public, or local channels
- Fixed Dom.xml for bot voice command in DDOM
- Fixed F3/F8 stats now shows all players in list
- Don't limit suiciding to 10 second interval in standalone games

Demo recording:
- Fixed client-side demo recording of vehicles

- Fix for clients unable to connect with "Incompatible Games Files" message
- Fixed WebAdmin play list and mid game menu to report the proper ping.
- Fixed resetting initial position of saved move when moves are combined
- Increased min idle kick time to 30 seconds
- Never idle kick player if only human in game
- Moved gamespeed option in URL parsing to after mutator spawning, so gamespeed can be set from URL
- More speedhack detection tweaks (less false positives)
- Server CPU use improvements relative to last patch
- Consider CPU saturation in determining whether to do extra work on server to reduce bandwidth use for low
bandwidth clients
- Don't allow clients <3320 to connect to servers with OnslaughtBP.
- Fixed server crash when using bonus vehicles mutator.
- Fix for client-side crash caused by DynamicLoadObject problem uncovered by interaction of AntiTCC with
certain other mutators.
- Fix for annoying server browser bug (not showing correct initial game type).
- Fix for team VOIP channels in large games

- Fixed map list menu problems with bonus vehicles and custom link setups.

- Fixed Unrealed working with Windows 98 (See note below)

Mod Author Related:
- New script profiling tool.
- Added (slow) full dangling reference checking option.
Logs dangling references which could cause a crash during gameplay or on GC. Use only for testing, as it
is very slow, by adding bSlowRefChecking=true to the [Engine.Engine] section of UT2004.ini. I'd recommend
running a dedicated server with bots with this option enabled, connect to it to start the match, and let the
bots do the testing for you.
- Fixed spider physics view direction setting bug
- Added RotateSoundThreshold to ONSWeapon to allow mod authors control over when RotateSound is played
- Moved BaseMutator.ModifyLogin() to the beginning of GameInfo.Login().
- Fix for UParticleEmitter::UpdateParticles crash in SkeletalMeshGet

Pour ceux qui veulent utiliser UnrealEd sous Win98, il faudra charger cette dll
Ajoutée le 16/11/2004 à 13h17.
 - Télécharger/Download
Fichier : ut2004-winpatch3339.exe
Taille : 12.63 Mo
Téléchargé 2166 fois.

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